Hispanic Social Media Users: Social But Not “Judgy”?

Via Marketingcharts.com, which profiles research by BIGinsight. One point of interest worth noting:

There are some clear distinctions between how Hispanic consumers seek and give advice. For example, while 34.6% seek advice in online product reviews, just 8.7% write reviews to give advice. Thus, less than 1 in 10 provide information in product reviews to roughly four times as many people who consume that information to make product decisions.

The MarketingCharts article also offers up nuggets from earlier research by Nielsen, including this tidbit:

… data revealed that Hispanics are 25% more likely than the average US online adult to follow a brand, and 18% more likely to follow a celebrity. They are also 21% more likely to post links, articles, videos, and websites, and 17% more likely to build or update a personal blog.

What conclusions can we draw from what seems to be disparate data: Hispanic consumers are 21% more likely to post links and to blog, etc., but rarely post product reviews?